Why Italy Stole My Heart

Why Italy Stole My Heart

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I've always imagined Italy as a bright picturesque country, which can boast about delicious pasta and passionate people who live there. As it appeared, Italy is even more than that.
We begun our trip at Naples. We didn't manage to see the city properly, as we were supposed to take train to Salerno, the beautiful ancient town, located on the Tyrrhenian Sea. We stayed there for 3 days. Here are some pictures that can help you imagine what Salerno is like:

The air is salty and very fresh here. Locals live in small cute houses along the coast. The town becomes tranquil at the evening, when people come home from work and share meals with their families. That's the best time to explore the coast and enjoy Salerno that seem to never sleep:)

I must say that pizza in Italy is indeed very very tasty! I've definitely overeaten in Pizzeria La Smorfia, but i don't even regret it. If you have a chance to come to Salerno, Smorfia is the must go to restaurant.

The second day we decided to take a ferry from Salerno port and explore the nearby villages located in the middle of Lattari Mountains. The rural scenery that opened up while we were sailing was truly amazing. The little houses were scattered along the mountain scenery. One may think that such mountain homes look lonely; but I think there is something romantic in living this way. I imagine waking up to the sounds of waves crashing and feeling the light breeze coming from the open window.

I think I've lost my breath when we finally came to Positano. The village is literally built on rocks. I imagined how hard must have people been working to bring all the building material here and establish a real village in the middle of nowhere.

From Positano we returned back to Salerno. Out trip didn't end as in one day we were already in Rome. The capital of Italy deserves individual post. Besides I have so many photos of Rome that you'd get tired of scrolling;)

Salerno and Positano are amazing destinations. You can also visit Amalfi and Sorrento as they are located nearby.

The beauty of the houses located right in the mountains mesmerizes. The fresh air, breathtaking landscapes and delicious food will definitely leave you content and grateful.