Feeling Grateful for Autumn

Feeling Grateful for Autumn

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As Christmas mood is already here, I thought it would be good to look back at autumn and think about good things that happened. Christmas is all about gratitude and being thankful, but why don’t we make a tradition to express thankfulness every season?

This autumn was very warm and colourful. It seemed like the summer wasn’t ready to give in to cold and wet weather, so we were given a chance to enjoy bright sunshine in the middle of October.

Now, when it’s cold outside, and all I can dream of is hot peppermint tea, I want to make a little gratitude list.

Autumn 2019 was full of new experiences for me, both exciting and stressful. But, it’s important to appreciate things that you go through.
That’s why I’m grateful for:

People who stay

Like any other person, there are days when I feel lonely.  Sometimes, we all need a faithful friend who you can open about your heavy heart. I’m grateful that I have such people in my life, and they stay with me.
I needed this special connection more than anything during this autumn. And I’m very happy that those close to me, listened to me and understood what I was saying.

New opportunities

Right before my journey to Italy, I quit the place I have been working at and accepted a new job offer. I can’t say that the decision was very hard to make: I had thought about trying something new for a long time.  But, as any new opportunity, this one brought along new challenges I had to face. And I’m grateful that I was brave enough to meet them.

Time spent in nature

I’ve always admired nature and loved spending my weekend walking in the park. And I’m thankful that this autumn gave me a chance to breathe fresh air and contemplate yellow leaves, mountains, narrow forest paths, and canopies of trees.

Good books

The City of Girls was a good company for me this autumn. I have never read anything by Elizabeth Gilbert before, and this book won my heart. It’s about making good and bad choices and being “you” even if the whole world is against it.
Another book that I loved reading is The Shell Seekers. It's about Penelope, the woman who survived the war and her children, who are now adults. This heartbreaking story is an ode to life: the unfair, sometimes cruel, but full of joy and little pleasures life.

Tasty food

I know that it is the most obvious thing to be grateful for, but so many people in the world starve and have not enough money for food, that it's more of a privilege than right to someone.
This autumn, I rediscovered cheesecakes and waffles and shared them with the best person I know. I spent some time looking for the perfect recipe and made a cheesecake myself (which turned out great!). I'm beyond grateful that I can buy food as much as I want and share it with people I love.

Gratitude changes your perception of life. From the moment I started writing down all things I'm grateful for, I stopped taking such things as comfort, food, good health, friends, and family for granted. If you are reading this, get yourself a piece of paper and think about things you're thankful for.
Don't wait for Christmas and New Year. Why wouldn't we all be grateful now?