Self-Care as I See It

Self-Care as I See It

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Self-care became another trend in our days. As many people are stressed at work, and “burnout” is used in conversations between friends more often, caring for ourselves is essential to feel content and less pressured.
I was an anxious human since I was a child. Adulting, brought me an acknowledgment of my fears and anxiety, which made it easier to address them and work on them. So, self-care is an important routine for me, which helps me to unwind and understand that the decent majority of my fears and negative thoughts are not true.
So, today I’m sharing the ways I practice self-care. They may seem unusual to you, but I believe that such actions help my mind feel better.

Reflecting, not criticizing

Writing down my thoughts on paper helps to see your ideas and beliefs from another perspective. When I open my journal and read the things I was anxious about two weeks ago, I analyze how my mindset changed since that.
We often don’t see small shifts in the way we think, but if you do pay attention to it, you will definitely notice that you are not the person you were yesterday.
Whenever I feel like exposing my mind to my journal, I write. Either it’s something positive or negative I want to share, I try to be honest with myself.
But, the key here is not to criticize yourself. Your goal is to reflect on events in your life, not to be judgemental. Remember, you’re your best friend.

Doing sports

Exercising has made a massive influence on the quality of my life. I always have the best sleep ever after a strenuous hour spent in the gym. After workout soreness is pleasant to me so that it makes rest and sleep more desirable.
Although I’ve always practiced sports at home, recently, I bought a gym membership, to try something new.  And I can assure you: returning home after an active cycling class and feeling very tired, I actually feel the happiest.

Cleaning my surroundings

I love waking up to a fresh and clean smell of my apartment. I am that type of person who finds cleaning hugely therapeutic. I love returning each thing to its home and making my place tidy. When I’m vacuuming, I feel like the old dust is leaving my room, freeing space for fresh air and inspiration.
I know that cleaning is not the activity every person enjoys. But, who doesn’t like fresh linens and a neatly made bed to come to after a long day?
Our home is the representation of our mindset. I believe that the messier my space is, the more confused and disconnected I feel. Getting rid of old stuff you don’t longer enjoy and cleaning surfaces out of visual clutter, you can fill your mind with serenity and calmness.

Devoting time to childhood hobbies

Daily adult activities make us forget what we loved to do as a child. I found myself looking back at my childhood when I felt lost and unhappy with what I’ve been doing in life.
I started coloring (bought myself an anti-stress coloring book) and rereading Harry Potter (the Prisoner of Azkaban is probably my favorite book), and it made me feel better. I even did sort of mood board in my journal, just for fun.
Childhood hobbies help us remind ourselves of who we truly are and what things bring us the utmost joy.

Spending time outdoors

We don’t often see the sun and hear birds singing during wintertime. When the majority of our time is spent at work, the moment we leave our office buildings, it is already dark. So, I decided to spend more time outdoors this year.
I try to avoid shopping centers as they only make me more stressed with their lights, ads, and loud music. Instead, I prefer walking in a park regardless of the weather and drinking hot coffee or tea from my thermal mug.
Contemplating the nature and looking at the horizon helps me to relax and let go of my obsessive thoughts.

Self-care is not only about hot bath and a face mask every Sunday (I practice this too). It’s more of a routine for both mind and soul. It’s essential to challenge yourself to create self-care habits that work for you. Only by doing what feels right for you, you can learn what exactly brings peace and comfort to your mind.